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The Student Learning and Development competency area addresses the concepts and principles of student development and learning theory. This includes the ability to apply theory to improve and inform student affairs and teaching practice.


EDH 5045 – Student Development Theories – Dr. Bradley Cox

  • Explored various student development theories in conversation and literature

  • Articulated personal development through reflection paper

  • Presented and facilitated a group project on Baxter Magolda's Theory of Self-Authorship


EDH 5046 – Diversity in Higher Education – Dr. Angela Coleman

  • Researched, discussed, and facilitated group presentation regarding Nationalism

  • Delved into literature surrounding racial and ethnic identity development

  • Explored personal development in context of diversity through reflection paper


EDH 3215: Leadership and Change Teaching Assistant

  • Co-instructed an undergraduate course consisting of 22 students

  • Facilitated and engaged in conversations regarding leadership and change theory

  • Provided feedback and support to students on key ideas and terms from course material


Student Government Association Graduate Intern

  • Co-advised 5 Executive Branch leadership and 12 Executive Cabinet members

  • Processed and developed student leadership through 1:1 and group advising

  • Advised and supported students by attending multiple weekly events and meetings

  • Provided timely feedback and challenge students to consider multiple perspectives


  • How to effectively learn and process information

  • How to articulate and make-meaning of my own personal development

  • How to utilize student development theories to inform my work

  • How to advise, support, and supervise students through their development

  • How to define and identify student development theories and leadership

  • How to challenge students to reflect and make-meaning of their experiences

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