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The Assessment, Evaluation, and Research competency area focuses on the ability to design, conduct, critique, and use various assessment, evaluation, and research methodologies and the results obtained from them, to utilize AER processes and their results to inform practice, and to shape the political and ethical climate surrounding AER processes and uses in higher education.


SDS 5624 – The American College Student – Dr. Bradley Cox

  • Conduct research and produced an Oral History Final Paper

  • Interviewed participants, transcribed conversations, coded for emerging themes


EDH 5068 – Outcomes of Undergraduate Education – Dr. Lara Perez-Felkner

  • Semester-long course material, class discussions, and research

  • Culminating Research Paper on first-generation college students


EDH 5931 – Research Methods for Higher Education Professionals – Dr. Lara Perez-Felkner

  • Semester-long course material and class discussions on utilizing research methods

  • Continued research on topic from Outcomes course and added additional layer in student involvement

  • Designed assessment tool on Qualtrics and executed the IRB process

  • Produced a revised Assessment Report and Paper on first-generation orientation leaders in college


NODA Intern at Bentley University

  • Designed and implemented assessement tools for summer and fall orientation using Qualtrics

  • Created and presented the 2015 Bentley University Summer Orientation Assessment Report


ACPA - College Student Educators International - Assessment Planning Team Task Force

  • Serve on 15-member task force designated by ACPA Board of Governors

  • Primary service on demographic sub-committee


  • How to define and construct learning outcomes

  • How to use qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods in research

  • How to design assessment tools for different projects

  • How to conduct interviews, transcribe, and code emerging themes

  • How to utilize Qualtrics and CampusLabs

  • How to use assessment data to inform practice and work

  • How to produce an Assessment Report for various stakeholders

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