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The Social Justice and Inclusion competency area recognizes there are many conceptions of social justice and inclusion in various contexts, for the purposes of this competency area, it is defined here as both a process and a goal which includes the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to create learning environments that foster equitable participation of all groups while seeking to address and acknowledge issues of oppression, privilege, and power. This competency involves student affairs educators who have a sense of their own agency and social responsibility that includes others, their community, and the larger global context. Student affairs educators may incorporate social justice and inclusion competencies into their practice through seeking to meet the needs of all groups, equitably distributing resources, raising social consciousness, and repairing past and current harms on campus communities.


EDH 5046 – Diversity in Higher Education – Dr. Angela Coleman

  • Synthesized literature and engaged in meaningful conversations

  • Gained access to dozens of resources to enhance understanding of social justice

  • Researched, reflected, and co-presented on a group project regarding Nationalism


Social Justice Ally Training

  • Engaged in a two-day, two-part training that covers self-awareness, allyship, and action steps on becoming more knowledgable about social justice

  • Critically reflected on own privilege and power through meaningful dialogue

Multicultural Leadership Summit

  • Served as a facilitator for small group of seven students in spring 2015 and 2016

  • Engaged in meaningful conversation regarding social justice and diversity

  • Discussed allyship, advocacy, and activism in the context of a college campus


Student Government Association - Graduate Intern

  • Co-advised the Executive Branch of Florida State Student Government Association

  • Worked directly with the six identity-based agencies of the Executive Branch

  • Asian American Student Union, Black Student Union, Hispanic Latino Student Union, Pride Student Union, Veterans Student Union, Women Student Union


Seminole Allies & Safe Zones

  • Participated in a three-hour workshop on topics regarding allyship and inclusivity


  • How to have conversations regarding social justice, diversity, and inclusivity

  • How to articulate my intersecting identities and how each identity shows up

  • How to make-meaning of my personal and professional journey based on my identities and lived experiences

  • How to navigate and converse about various systems in-place

  • How to determine how privilege, power, and difference show up in spaces

  • How to advise and support diverse groups of students

  • How to effectively facilitate dialogue on social justice, diversity, and inclusivity

  • How to interact and work with diverse individuals and teams

  • How to serve as an ally, advocate, and engage in activism

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