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The Law, Policy, and Governance competency area includes the knowledge, skills, and dispositions relating to policy development processes used invarious contexts, the application of legal constructs, compliance/policy issues, and the understanding of governance structures and their impact on one’s professional practice.


EDH 5405 – Legal Aspects of Higher Education – Dr. Randall Hanna

  • Discussed law, policy, and governance structures in higher education

  • Focused on current hot-button issues facing higher education in America

  • Researched specific court cases involving college campuses

  • Guest speakers included current and former lawyers


SDS 5040 – Student Personnel Work in Higher Education – Dr. Mary Coburn

  • Researched a current issue in higher education and produced a Dear Colleague Letter

  • Wrote a mock policy brief to the Vice President for Student Affairs


Hardee Center for Leadership & Ethics in Higher Education

  • Served as Associate Director and Graduate Assistant

  • Attended bi-weekly faculty and Higher Education Student Association meetings

  • Attended a wide-range of meetings in Westcott


Student Government Association Intern at Florida State University

  • Co-advised 5-member Executive Leadership and 12-member Executive Cabinet

  • Navigated political environment of student governance

  • Became well-versed in student election code, by-laws, statutes, and constitution

  • Collaborated with key campus partners and officials to assist Student Body President


Student Rights & Responsibilities Intern at Florida State University

  • Advised a 7-member Student Conduct Board

  • Became well-versed in Florida State University Student Code of Conduct


  • How to become familiar with most up-to-date laws, policies, and practices

  • How various court cases and legal precedents have impacted higher education

  • How FERPA, HIPPA, Title IX, Clery Act, Marchmann Act, Baker Act, and others impact operations in higher education

  • How to differentiate between institutional, local, state, and federal policies

  • How the governance structure functions within higher education

  • How to identify rights, policies, procedures, and laws based on institution-type

  • How to navigate the political landscape of an institution

  • How to utilize Lexis-Nexis as a research tool for seeking information

  • How to seek and advance information through recognition of the Dear Colleague Letter

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