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The Values, Philosophy, and History competency area involves knowledge, skills, and dispositions that connect the history, philosophy, and values of the student affairs profession to one’s current professional practice. This competency area embodies the foundations of the profession from which current and future research, scholarship, and practice will change and grow. The commitment to demonstrating this competency area ensures that our present and future practices are informed by an understanding of the profession’s history, philosophy, and values.


EDH 5630 – Capstone in Higher Education – Dr. Kathy Guthrie

  • Created digital capstone portfolio and website to defend graduate experience

  • Re-visited and updated student affairs philosophy statement

  • Attended the 2016 Dalton Institute on College Student Values and wrote reflection paper


EDH 5051 – Higher Education in America: Basic Understandings – Dr. Robert Schwartz

  • Discussed literature surrounding the beginnings of higher education

  • Researched and co-presented on the history of The Machine


SDS 5040 – Student Personnel Work in Higher Education – Dr. Mary Coburn

  • Delved into the origins of Higher Education by referring to the Student Personnel Point of View of 1937

  • Researched Pillars of the Profession and learned about Dr. Melvene Hardee's contributions

  • Wrote a student affairs personal philosophy statement



  • How to articulate and identify my personal values and philosophies

  • How the college and university emerged in the United States

  • How higher education has evolved over the years

  • How student affairs has evolved over the years

  • How key documents such as the Student Personnel Point of View inform our field

  • How various Pillars of the Profession have impacted and contributed to this field

  • How institutional mission, vision, and values impact the culture of students and professionals

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