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The Advising and Supporting competency area addresses the knowledge, skills, and dispositions related to providing advising and support to individuals and groups through direction, feedback, critique, referral, and guidance. Through developing advising and supporting strategies that take into account self-knowledge and the needs of others, we play critical roles in advancing the holistic wellness of ourselves, our students, and our colleagues.


Student Government Association Intern at Florida State University

  • Co-advised 5-member Executive Leadership and 12-member Executive Cabinet

  • Processed and develop student leadership through weekly 1:1 and group advising

  • Advised and supported students by attending multiple weekly events and meetings

  • Provided timely feedback and challenge students to consider multiple perspectives


The Big Event at Florida State University

  • Co-advised 2 Co-Directors and 14-member Executive Board

  • Advised and supported students through multiple weekly meetings

  • Provided feedback and engaged in 1:1 and group conversations and reflections


EDH 3215: Leadership and Change Teaching Assistant

  • Co-instructed an undergraduate course consisting of 22 students

  • Provided feedback on weekly reflection papers

  • Supported student learning by engaging in critical conversation on course concept


NODA Intern at Bentley University

  • Co-advised 4 Student Orientation Coordinators and 48 Orientation Leaders

  • Engaged in 1:1 and group conversations with students throughout summer

  • Supported student learning by challenging student orientation coordinators to facilitate trainings


  • How to effectively advise a wide-range of students

  • How to serve as an advisor or co-advisor in various environments

  • How to navigate 1:1 conversations with students

  • How to provide feedback to a group of student leaders

  • How to engage in meaningful and developmental conversations

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