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The Personal and Ethical Foundations competency area involves the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to develop and maintain integrity in one’s life and work; this includes thoughtful development, critique, and adherence to a holistic and comprehensive standard of ethics and commitment to one’s own wellness and growth. Personal and ethical foundations are aligned because integrity has an internal locus informed by a combination of external ethical guidelines, an internal voice of care, and our own lived experiences. Our personal and ethical foundations grow through a process of curiosity, reflection, and self-authorship.


EDH 5630 – Capstone in Higher Education – Dr. Kathy Guthrie


EDH 5944 – Internship for Credit – Dr. Brandon Bowden

  • Reflected on multiple internship experiences through intentional writing exercises

  • Engaged in meaningful conversations regarding theory to practice


SDS 5040 – Student Personnel Work in Higher Education – Dr. Mary Coburn

  • Created an initial Core Competency Plan

  • Wrote a student affairs personal philosophy statement


Other Experiences


  • How to reflect and make-meaning of work I and others do

  • How to create a personal philosophy used to inform my work

  • How to articulate personal commitments and advocate for self

  • How to effectively utilize my strengths, traits, and attributes

  • How to seek professional development through campus resources and professional conferences

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